What is The Marquee Project?

For many of us — artists, authors, performers — self-promotion is a necessary evil. We have to sell books, or get someone to listen to our demo, or get the next gig. There’s nothing wrong with that…unless we get so focused on ourselves that we forget about everyone else.

THE MARQUEE PROJECT is a “No Self-Promotion Allowed” zone. Everywhere else…do what you need to do. But here, we promote everyone besides ourselves. Who is the hard-working person in your life who has put aside their own self-promotion to help you for a day? Who is your favorite independent author? Do you have an actor friend who could use the promotional weight of a bunch of other tireless self-promoters behind THEM for the day?

You’re a star. Share the marquee. #onthemarquee

Join the Marquee Community on Facebook @ facebook.com/groups/themarqueeproject/

Follow The Marquee Project on Twitter @marqueeproject

E-mail The Marquee Project: themarqueeproject@outlook.com

And remember to always use the hashtag #onthemarquee when supporting featured artists!


One comment

  1. jinlobify · February 20, 2015

    What a sweet idea, well thought out, and our Nonnie deserves to be so showcased. She is the best.

    Liked by 2 people

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